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The world is a far different place than what anyone could have imagined just 25 years ago. Increasingly, careers that once relied on paperwork, fax machines, and pencils are turning to computers, cell phones, and wireless networks. And whereas the majority of the workforce was comprised of unskilled laborers just 50 years ago, the careers of today demand proficiency in a wide variety of technical and computer skills.

Technical studies are the key to the future
As the world continues to embrace technology, one thing should become very clear to you: technical studies will prove increasingly vital to your career. It won't really matter what industry you decide to join; computers will be an integral part of how you conduct business. Thus, it makes sense to study up now. If you wait too long, you'll become obsolete. Just look how fast the Internet has ballooned in the past decade. Expect growth to be even faster in the years to come. Technology tends to grow exponentially. The careers of tomorrow will be infinitely more advanced that anything we have today. A quick study of the past century will certainly bear this out. Progress, after all, rarely stops or slows down.

Where will your education take you?
This is entirely up to you. Technical studies encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Everything from data processing and computer engineering to sales and marketing will fall under this huge umbrella term if it hasn't already. Can you name 5 mainstream jobs that do not rely on computers, cell phones, or telecommunications in any way? Chances are, you can't. That's because technology is becoming a way of life. You currently have two choices to consider. You can hide from the inevitable by ignoring the evolving world around. Or you can embrace the future by sharpening your skills, broadening your understanding, and joining the ever-moving tide of technological progress.

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